Rs 2700 Cr Investment On Pawan Kalyan

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Well, the momentum has picked up for power star Pawan Kalyan not as a film star but as a politician. He held a massive public meeting last evening which also happens to be the official marking of his party Jana Sena. While it is not sure how much of what Pawan spoke made sense here is another aspect.

There are a total of 175 assembly seats in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Pawan has maintained Jana Sena candidates will be fielded from every constituency. So, if every candidate has to contest for MLA seat, the cost is 15 crores for canvassing and other activities. Normally, the candidates have to spend their own money.

And they don’t hesitate to do that because they make multiple times what they have spent a five-year term. Anyhow, with 175 individuals in the fray and that required budget, the total comes to a whopping 2700 crores. So, if someone has to trust Pawan and invest, it would cost 2700 crores. That’s the story folks!

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