Fans Split In Pawan Kalyan Camp

By - March 15, 2018 - 11:00 AM IST

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Speaking of fans for film stars there is no doubt that power star Pawan Kalyan stands number one with the maximum number of followers. After he got into politics, this fan base has expanded because folks from the TDP also joined the bandwagon. But now, it is heard that a split is being sensed in this camp.

Well, with an angle that Pawan is pro TDP and given his role during the 2014 elections, many TDP folks have been expecting a positive tone from Pawan after he got into full-time politics. They happen to be the first category fans. The second category of fans is self-interest and they have been his followers since movie time.

But now, all that has changed and the reason for that is the speech given by Pawan last evening at Guntur. He took on the TDP in all possible ways and also targeted Nara Lokesh. This has caused dissent among the TDP fans of Pawan and now there are strong reports that this bastion is going to part ways with Pawan and Jana Sena

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