I'm Ready To Die: Murthy

By - March 15, 2018 - 11:35 AM IST

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Most of the rationalists have often mentioned that one of the main reasons for corruption is to ensure enough wealth is procured for their kith and kin. While this corruption happens only in the highest levels in the foreign countries ensuring common man doesn’t get affected, the scenario in India is different.

Corruption happens at every level right from the ground staff. And then there are those individuals who dare because they have no wife and kids to cry. One such example is Mahaa News Channel person Murthy. He is the CEO of the channel and recently he did a live show with actress Sri Reddy who is on a rampage against men of Tollywood.

She has come up with bold statements regarding casting couch too. Adding to that, Murthy reportedly said “Our channel did few sting operations and big heroes and directors are there. I can reveal them and I am ready to die also. Right now, my focus is on movements like AP Special status. Anyhow, my channel has worked and we are also planning to release these sting operations tapes tomorrow.”  Well, this is going to be a shocker if it happens.