Varun Tej To Ram Charan: Gollabhama Tension

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It has become a fad of sorts for certain groups to keep digging for some line or a word used somewhere and make it a big issue citing their ‘feelings’ are hurt. The underlying motive is very simple, either they want to pull some money out of this or gain some mileage and publicity for free. It only goes to show how few can stoop to lowest levels.

Unfortunately, most of the times, it is the cinema industry which is targeted without hesitation because that’s the best way to achieve these things. Akin to that, the latest issue brewing up is about the word ‘Gollabhama’ being used in one chartbuster song ‘Rangamma Mangamma’ from the movie ‘Rangasthalam’.

Incidentally, the same word created some issue a few years back for the movie ‘Mukunda’ featuring mega prince Varun Tej. In one of the songs, Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry mentioned the word Gollabhama and eventually, it was replaced with Gopikamma. Now, even mega power star Ram Charan’s movie also is facing the issue but this time its director Sukumar is not keen to replace it and he gave a logical explanation of using this word. Hope the ‘hurt victims’ show some maturity and understand.

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