Shocking Vulgar Words In Lyrics

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The beauty of any song lies mainly in its lyrics and given the fact that Tollywood has seen some iconic songwriters, the essence of Telugu’s power is still preserved. Given that environment, can you imagine a song which has got lyrics filled with cuss words and vulgarity? Well, one number is now on the anvil.

This is from the movie ‘Needhi Naadhi Oke Kadha’ featuring the super talented Sree Vishnu in the lead. Reports reveal the noted lyricist Shyam Kasarla has penned a song and in that, he has used words like F**K and other Telugu Boothulu directly. Of course, the censor board will certainly cut those words.

However, trying to get the song out citing it is the lyrical video is something that is concerning. While it is not sure what the team intended to portray by using such foul words but those who have heard it are saying it certainly looks like a blemish to the very craft of songwriting. Let us hope some wisdom prevails.

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