Writer And Director Of Sex Scandal

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The saga of actress Sri Reddy and her set of allegations sitting on the hot seat of TV channels continues and this time she has spoken about a writer and director in a sex scandal. Apparently, they happen to be a top writer and top director and a TV channel has come up with some details about how they were involved in casting couch.

As such the names are not being revealed in the media channel and fact of the matter is, they will never do that. If they do reveal the named individuals will question who had given their names. At that point, if the media folks can’t come out with the names or those who gave the names don’t come out when the media channel will be sued.

That way, as long as the girls who were supposedly victimized don’t come out, the concerned writer and director are safe. And going by the way things have happened, they will never get exposed. In the process, it is the TV channel which is having a feast of TRPs by luring the viewers with such sensational updates.


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