Will Nithiin Join Janasena

By - March 20, 2018 - 10:07 AM IST

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With power star Pawan Kalyan making it official that he is no longer doing movies and would put his entire focus on politics through his party Janasena, the time has come for him to check what kind of following he has not just among the public but also among the Tollywood circuit. As such, he is a major inspiration onscreen.

There are many instances wherein Pawan’s name was used without hesitation for dialogues, scenes and what not. Top in that list is youth star Nithiin who has self-proclaimed to be the ardent fan of Pawan. As a result, some are now asking whether Nithiin would join his favorite hero’s party once things get going.

The elections are fast approaching and Pawan is facing a litmus test because not many are sure how capable he is as a leader and how he will guide his party as a mentor. At a time like this, some cinema glamour for his support would create a huge difference. This is the time to know who the genuine fans of Pawan Kalyan are.

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