Roja's Dance Shocked Nagababu

By - March 20, 2018 - 12:22 PM IST

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The context of Mega Brother Nagababu and MLA cum actress Roja comes only when the comedy program ‘Jabardasth’ is spoken about. The duo is the judge for this super hit program but recently Roja did something which blew the bulbs out of Nagababu and given his genuine way of giving feedback, Nagababu revealed his shock.

Apparently, a special program was conceived on the eve of Ugadi by the ‘Jabardasth’ team and as part of that, a song was played wherein Roja shook a step with the famous dance master Sekhar. The way she matched the pace of Sekhar and showed elegance and grace at the same time was the reason for Nagababu’s reaction.

Sharing his thoughts on the song performance, Nagababu was bewildered and asked Roja how she could manage that speed and flow. Overall, it was clear that he was not only shocked but mighty impressed with the dance performance of Roja. Even the audience is amazed at Roja’s energy levels.

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