'MLA' Business Details

By - March 22, 2018 - 12:47 PM IST

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We have already come up with how the upcoming release ‘MLA’ is going to be an acid test for Nandamuri Hero Kalyanram because of its positioning and the reception from the overseas audience. While that may be so, it appears that the producers are already making merry. Well, the pre-release business has already brought them into a safe zone.

According to sources, the producers sold the Andhra rights for 6 crores while the digital was sold for 2.40 crores. The satellite is also sold and it is for 4.50 crores. It is also heard that the producers are going to distribute the film in few territories. And here comes the best part, they have put their stakes on Nizam and Ceded areas.

Now that they have recovered their investment, whatever revenue is made in these two big territories is going to be profits. We must also remember that the film would be released in the neighboring states too. Overall, ‘MLA’ seems to have worked well for the makers so let us wish it works well with the audience too

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