Kathi Mahesh Strikes Again!

By - March 22, 2018 - 11:14 AM IST

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Just about a month ago, the entire electronic media and social media was abuzz with just one name. It is that of Kathi Mahesh and the reason for that was the tirade he took against power star Pawan Kalyan. The controversy came to an amicable end but then it has not stopped Kathi from sloughing his sword every now and then.

After maintaining a brief silence Mahesh is back and this time he has attacked few senior cine folks for their silence on the ongoing Special Status controversy in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Sources say Mahesh took the name of Mass Ustad Boyapati Srinu directly and he also spoke about a director and a big star without taking names.

Those who could understand the clues are saying Kathi was referring to Romantic Rushi K Raghavendra Rao and Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna. This is fodder enough for the news channels to bring Kathi Mahesh onto the hot seat and reap their TRPs so let us see if this is going to become yet another issue.

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