Director Becomes Serious Actor

By - March 23, 2018 - 04:52 PM IST

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We often keep saying that for a director be successful, he needs to be a good actor first because that’s when he can extract performances from his artists. However, there are those times when the directors themselves are so keen on acting that they end up becoming actors. Currently, one man has done that.

He is none other than Devi Prasad. This director has given us movies like ‘Leelamahal Centre’ ‘That Is Pandu’ ‘Blade Babji’ ‘Kevvu Keka’ ‘Mr. Pellikoduku’. Those who know him personally say Devi Prasad is also a good artist and now he has made a debut of sorts. Devi Prasad has done a key role in the movie ‘Needhi Naadhi Oke Katha’.

He is seen as the father of the hero Sree Vishnu and inside news reveals Devi Prasad will get excellent marks for acting. All are saying he has the right kind of handsome looks required for an artist and he would be apt for father roles. Once his output is seen in this movie, kerchiefs will fall on Devi Prasad automatically

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