Babu Gogineni Attacks MM Keeravani

By - March 27, 2018 - 11:37 AM IST

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The name Babu Gogineni doesn’t require any introduction because he has become the sought after person for the TV news channels thanks to his tag ‘rationalist and humanist’ and the way he has been attacking the theists and believers. The latest from him happens to be a retort or an attack of sorts on a noted music director.

He is none other than the Melody King M M Keeravani. Apparently, during some media interaction, Keeravani had reportedly stated he has no respect for atheists. Responding to that, Babu Gogineni launched his attack citing nobody is waiting to earn the respect of a man who composes music for adult videos like ‘GST’.

Not stopping at that, he also took a dig at the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli. Currently, this interview of his is getting some attention but it remains to be seen whether Keeravani or Rajamouli will actually respond or react to all this. Lately, it has become a fad of sorts to get controversial figures onto the hot seat and make them say something sensational so let us see what happens.

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