Sunil's Idea To Retire With Hit

By - March 27, 2018 - 02:48 PM IST

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Speaking of the comedian turned hero Sunil and his career, a common talk was that he should quit doing hero roles and focus more on his expert domain, that is the comedy. For a long time Sunil didn’t pay heed to this advice and continued doing lead roles. The result was the same at all times which got him thinking.

Meanwhile, it is heard that Sunil is still ready for doing hero roles and some of them are wondering why. Well, one inside news reveals Sunil wants to score a big hit as a hero and then switch to comedy roles so that history doesn’t get recorded that he came back to do comedy roles because he was flopping continuously.

This is a fair thought indeed but it also has to be seen as to how many chances can Sunil take with this single intent. Perhaps he could look at restarting his comedy roles and in between take up a hero’s role just like Srinivas Reddy as that would help his career graph be sturdy. The coming days will reveal his intentions.

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