Director Teja Ropes in Sri Reddy

By - March 28, 2018 - 12:06 PM IST

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We have seen actress Sri Reddy making noise about the casting couch and the atrocities of the casting brokers. She approached some news channels to express her anguish over the things she had gone through.

As the recent situation in Tollywood has become serious, there are people reaching out Sri Reddy to stop attending any online debates. Director Teja, who is popular for the introduction of artists to the industry, has taken a very good step to help Sri Reddy.

A recent video featuring Director Teja along with actress Sri Reddy has become a talk of the town. Teja mentioned that the industry needs to be with such actresses who are being exploited. This would be a good step to resolve the issue of the casting couch. Teja also expressed his anguish over how women are being exploited in the movie industry. Teja offered Sri Reddy with two offers in his upcoming movies.  "We must come forward to support such people who are so passionate about acting. Sri Reddy is brave enough to come forward and open up about how the actresses are being exploited. I give her chance in my upcoming movies", Teja said.  A very good gesture by Teja.

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