Hangover Problem For Heroine

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Reading the headline might startle you a bit and you might be curious to know who is this heroine and what is her hangover problem. Well, the hangover we are talking about is not after dousing few pegs of liquor. This is a different issue and the starlet in discussion happens to be the chirpy eyed cutie Anupama Parameswaran.

It is known that within a very short span Anupama became a sought after name in the Tollywood circuit and recently she got to share her thoughts. Well, the pretty girl said that whenever she does a role and wraps up her part, the role keeps haunting her. That way, she goes through a phase of hangover after doing every movie.

From her end, Anupama reportedly mentioned that in few projects the story was quite tempting to her but in other cases, it was her role which really struck her. And whenever that has happened, she has been experiencing these hangovers. In technical terms, you can say Anupama seems to be doing method acting and hence this issue.

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