Anasuya Shines As Rangammatta!

By - March 31, 2018 - 10:56 AM IST

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The most-awaited movie Rangasthalam hit the screens yesterday. With phenomenal reports pouring in, the team is buoyed. Ram Charan is being lauded for his exemplifying performance in the movie. For sure, he will be remembered as Chitty Babu.

Actress Anasuya who portrayed a typical village lady's role is among the actors who are being lauded for their astounding performances in Rangasthalam. Anasuya was seen as Rangammatta in the movie. Anasuya lived up to the expectations as Rangammatta. Seems like the reports are making Anasuya very happy. After all, an actor craves for appreciation. Anasuya is overwhelmed by the way she is being received as Rangamatta. 

A wise lady, who knows how the world around runs. She has that fire which keeps her alert of the bad things and also has the love for others. Quirky enough to allure the audience, Anasuya has done perfect justification for her role as Rangamatta. She even looked elegant as Rangamma, reminding us of the village ladies who are naturally elegant. Kudos, Rangammatta!

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