From Romance To Darkness

By - March 31, 2018 - 12:31 PM IST

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Once you start doing movies as a hero and see that not much is working in a particular genre it is an indicator that you have to start experimenting till you get a true sense of your image and acceptance. Those heroes who have realized that at the earliest have made a good deal out of their careers and are still going strong.

Vibrant hero Nikhil Siddhartha is one such person who is now known for his versatile storylines. Even class hero Sharwanand is also doing the same. Another name that seems to be getting added into this list is that of the soft-spoken hero Sumanth. It is known that Sumanth is relatively a very senior hero and artist.

He had his share of ups and downs but recently he seems to have decided to get into the experimental mode. His last release ‘Malli Raava’ was a heart touching romantic treat and now it is heard that he is getting into a dark thriller wherein his role would be having strong negative shades. Here’s wishing the best of success to this deserving artist.

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