Anasuya's Superb Analogy For Luck

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Whenever the image of the seductively tempting Anasuya Bharadwaj flashes in your mind, the temperatures rise by few degrees and you are simply in awe of her beauty and glamour quotient. Well, Anasuya is not just an eye candy but a good package of acting talent and intelligent thoughts too. Here is a classic example of that.

The pretty lady came up with a line which goes like this – ‘Luck is like salt and hard work is rest of ingredients’. Every word of it is true, you might have many ingredients to come up with the perfect dish but without salt, nothing is going to be tasty. Akin to that, only luck alone will not ensure things will work in the cine circuit.

You need to put the right amount of hard work and show your talent while luck is just like the salt which is an additive for real taste. Those who have read this analogy have begun to like and admire Anasuya more than before. Maybe she must keep coming up with more Gyan like this and show the way to many aspirants.

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