The war continues: Tollywood Vs TV Channels

By - April 02, 2018 - 05:22 PM IST

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There is a silent and serious war going on between the Telugu TV Channels and the Tollywood film industry. The outrage began against the way the TV Channels are portraying Tollywood actors, directors, and producers.

A news channel journalist who was debating with popular actor Posani Krishna Murali, foul-mouthed about Telugu actresses as slut-shamed the actresses on live. Following this, the Telugu cinema industry people came forward and complained against the way some TV Channels are misguiding the audience with their nasty mindsets.

Ever since this war has begun, the TV Channels and the editors are not even responding well. When asked for an explanation, the TV5 channel the news channel on which such derogatory comments against women was made, just ignored. They just made a small scrolling seeking an apology for such comments.

Despite the heavy outrage against such programs, there is no stop. Movie Arts Association is not able to anything regarding this problem. If the TV media does not stop this, there will be a very bad impact.

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