Summer Trade Talk: Part 1

By - April 03, 2018 - 11:42 AM IST

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The summer season technically begins from March and goes on till May. While most of us would hate to experience the sweltering heat and the rising temperatures, this is one season the Tollywood folks look forward to very eagerly. The reason being, this is the best time for them to mint money at the box office.

Hence, a lot of big movies keep coming during this time. Speaking about the situation of Tollywood this summer, the month of March has been rather disappointing. Promising movies like ‘MLA’ and ‘Kirrak Party’ ended up becoming damp squibs at the box office. ‘Needhi Naadhi Oke Kadha’ proved to be some relief at the box office.

Then there were few dubbed flicks like ‘Kartavyam’ ‘Dandupalyam 3’ ‘Rajaratham’ and few others which sank without a trace. That way, part one of the summer season has been rather disappointing and all eyes are now on the month of April because ‘Rangasthalam’ which came on March 30th is shaking the box office in a big way.

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