Rangasthalam Trend Spreading Like Wildfire

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Call it a trend that is creating waves or the sheer misfortune of herd mentality but then it has been noticed several times that whenever a movie has worked big time at the box office, that genre is immediately copied by many and they start coming up with stories in the similar fashion till the audience gets vexed and bored of it completely.

The latest in that trend happens to be the movie ‘Rangasthalam’ featuring mega power star Ram Charan and the cute smile queen Samantha. The movie has been garnering overwhelming response and this has triggered a disease of sorts. Well, everyone’s focus has now shifted to period backdrop because this movie has been made with the 80s backdrop.

The period backdrop mania has suddenly picked up among those who are writing stories and all are vying for the same genre only. Well, unless the content is good and the authenticity is believable enough, such things won’t work. However, the disease has spread fast so it remains to be seen how long it will be prospering in Tollywood.

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