Nirbhaya Act Tensions Among Film Crowds

By - April 05, 2018 - 04:48 PM IST

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Though it has been a while since the Nirbhaya incident took place, the haunting impact still exists and today the Indian judiciary has created a new law called the Nirbhaya act which is quite severe on men misbehaving with women. Well, as long as the law is used in the right manner it is okay but there is another side to it.

There have been instances where few women have deliberately settled scores with few men using this act. This act has actually started creating tensions among the cinema circuit. All are worried what case will come for something they did knowingly or unknowingly. They are also aware that few girls are known to use such tactics.

The Nirbhaya act was not known to the Tollywood folks but thanks to actress Sri Reddy and her recent ranting across various TV news channels, they got full clarity about this act and are now feeling a bit tensed on how they will be targeted by and in what way. That’s the story folks!

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