Ugly Fight Of Ladies In LIVE Show

By - April 05, 2018 - 09:48 AM IST

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There are still many countries in the world that think India is one nation where the essence of woman and her true feminine persona is revealed. They strongly believe that Indian girls are rather shy, internally tough, graceful and carry themselves with dignity. However, a closer look would reveal a rather different picture.

Since the last few years, the individuality quotient has increased exponentially and the best example for that is few actresses who are not hesitating to sit on the hot seat of TV channels and create a scene. The issue of actress Sri Reddy and her constant tirade against the Tollywood folks is known to all.

This time she found a strong contender and things got ugly on a live show. Well, the channel had invited another character artist Kalyani to be part of the debate and within no time tempers flared between both. While Kalyani has blasted Sri Reddy citing how women have lost respect because of Sri’s actions, the latter was saying Kalyani needs BP tablets. Shameful but true!


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