Lucky Team At Rangasthalam Sets

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The only name that is currently being chanted everywhere is that of the movie ‘Rangasthalam’ and taking a cue from that, few teams are trying to gain their share of mileage. As part of that, one team came up with a spoof of sorts. They came up with a feature titled ‘Women In The 80s’ and they got to visit the ‘Rangasthalam’ sets.


This is part of a prominent web channel named Chai Bisket and the feature is getting a very good response. However, many are saying they got so much craze because they shot at the real sets of the film otherwise they would not have gone this kind of response. Another opinion is that this program could have been made more gripping and fun.


Overall, it is a good attempt and it is going viral. Even the media is promoting it very well which is adding to the mileage. The concept revolves around women of the 80s and their perception towards social media. Few marks are being given to the innovative thought and thanks to ‘Rangasthalam’ aura it is working.

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