Why Should Sri Reddy Poke Sreerama Chandra?

By - April 06, 2018 - 02:57 PM IST

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The saga of actress Sri Reddy and her allegations, accusations on various celebrities of Tollywood continues and each day she is coming up with new names and fresh allegations. The latest in her hit list happens to be the singer Sreerama Chandra who shot to fame by winning the ‘Indian Idol’ contest.


She blasted Sree citing he must learn to behave and change his name for the way he chatted with her. While that is on, one question is being raised by many. Why should Sri Reddy poke Sreerama at this juncture? Because he is not a director or hero that his career would be in the stake. Why will he be worried?


Mudslinging at him may not yield any results because he is a singer doing stage shows and truth be spoken, after ‘Indian Idol’ Hungama Sreerama Chandra has not been able to make a brand of himself. The final touch is, he is not that influential also. Given all this, many feel Sri Reddy’s attack on him makes no sense.


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