What's Wrong With That Condom?

By - April 06, 2018 - 12:57 PM IST

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Though we speak a lot about our country growing by leaps and bounds with an urban outlook towards everything, fact remains that a majority of the population is still narrow minded and even the most important and needed things are perceived as taboo and something to be debated about. The idle time is quite high for many in this country.


The reason we say this is after looking at the amount of fuss and discussion happening about one heroine doing a condom ad. Her name is Kavya Thapar and soon she would be seen pairing up with Mega Prince Varun Tej in the new movie to be directed by Sankalp Reddy. Kavya is currently grabbing eyeballs with her condom ad.


She is seen in a very sensuous and steamy manner and this has led to few dumb witted brains whispering what is all this. Well, what is the problem if a noted actress does a condom ad? It has become common and in fact, she is advocating something which is much needed for this nation. Well, we are certainly proud of Kavya and her act!

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