Sirasri's Praising Post For Chandrabose

By - April 06, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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The hymns of glory for the cine folks are often to do with the heroes or the heroines or directors or music directors but recently one lyricist has done something which has brought the entire attention upon him. He is none other than Chandrabose and his songs for the movie ‘Rangasthalam’ have once again shown the power of lyrics.

Akin to that, the noted lyricist Sirasri has come up with a post praising Chandrabose and here is a gist of that-

To all those who believed that the golden era of Telugu songs is gone, ‘Rangasthalam’ has proved them wrong. The trend today is focusing on contemporary words, slangs and catchy phrases that give a seasonal impact. In this process, the lyricists became lions in the circus listening to their ringmaster but at the bottom of it, poets are always free-spirited.

Even before ‘Rangasthalam’ released and created a storm, its songs did the needful by creating a strong buzz and generating interest towards lyrics again. Notable among them was ‘Entha Sakkagunnave..’. The way Chandrabose has penned it has once again reinstated the faith that once again we can listen to the songs that had the rich heritage we saw in songs of K Viswanath movies.

While he deserves a lot of credit, a fair share goes to Devi Sri Prasad for giving that free hand to Chandrabose. Above all, it is Sukumar who gave freedom to both. Same goes to Ram Charan who kept his star image aside and adapted to the requirement. The songs of Rangasthalam have appealed to the audience of all ages which is a specialty. Once again, the songs of this movie have brought back that culture of strong lyrics to life. Hats off Chandrabose!

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