MAA Harassment Case: Who Is That?

By - April 09, 2018 - 03:39 PM IST

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After Sri Reddy's nude protest in front of Movie Arts Association, there was an emergency meeting among the members of MAA. Later on Sunday, Move Arts Association called up for a press meet and clarified that they did not deny Sri Reddy of her membership, but she was the one who started an uncalled protest.

The press meet was addressed by the main members of Movie Arts Association. All of them claimed that Sri Reddy's allegations are baseless and she had created all the chaos despite their fair treatment when she approached for the MAA membership.

One of the members, the President of Maa- Shivaji Raja told that keeping Sri Reddy aside, they (MAA Collectively) have always worked for the welfare of the artists. Also, that they were prompt in dealing cases related to women. "A few days ago, a lady came up claiming that she was being harassed by a person. We reacted promptly and made the person hold her legs with an apology. We try to solve things and we do not publicize", told Shivaji Raja. 

"So, why would we treat Sri Reddy otherwise?", he questions. "She was invited to become a member of MAA the moment we offered her the membership application. We don't instantly approve the membership of anyone. We wait for the board meeting and issue membership cards once in 3 months. It is shameful that Sri Reddy did this, today despite us being nice to her", MAA members say.

Now, the discussions about who the person is, who was made to apologize to the lady as per the MAA member. Folks say that he is one of the leading directors who has got a big flop recently. The lady's identity is not given any hint of. 

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