Activist Devi Joins Hands With Sri Reddy?

By - April 09, 2018 - 12:54 PM IST

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Sri Reddy is an actress who is been spoken of lately. With her non-stop complaints about the casting-couch system in Telugu movie industry, Sri Reddy has been in focus for quite some time. The matter reached peaks, when the actress protested by stripping naked on the streets.

Sri Reddy who got pissed off with the Movie Arts Association's delay in providing her a membership into the MAA committee stripped half-naked in front of the MAA building at Film Nagar on Saturday. A big scene was created and the matter got worsened as the media caught her protesting half-naked.

The next day, MAA called for a meeting regarding the issue and then called for a press meet. MAA declared that they had no personal grudges with Sri Reddy, but her way of behavior is what made them take the decision of not giving her any membership in the association.

If you think this was the end of the whole issue, you are wrong. Later Sri Reddy was called for a live debate by a news channel. Social activist Devi, who keeps addressing many issues called up to the studio during live telecast and extended her support to Sri Reddy.

Devi also feels that it is not Sri Reddy's fault but the fault of MAA. "Is this MAA an ultimate corporate system or an association to make their own decisions? Why is Sri Reddy being denied the membership card in MAA? MAA should be guilty of making a lady strip naked on the streets. Aren't these board members aware of the worst things happening with ladies?", Devi questioned.

Devi also went forward and took the topic of the so-called bigwigs of Telugu Film Industry, for making money out of the bodies of the women and showcasing their skins. She slammed the male dominant Film Industry. Devi also suggested Sri Reddy stay stronger and treat this like a war.

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