Smart Decision By Poonam Kaur, On TV Soon

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When you know that things are not going your way, the smart thing to do would be to find other alternatives and get into the groove. In the tinsel town, there are many actresses who feel they deserve something better and keep rejecting few offers. In the bargain, they lose valuable time and eventually an opportunity which could change fate.

One heroine who has not done that mistake is the sweet-faced Poonam Kaur. She has been part of the Tollywood circuit since long but could not make her mark as a heroine. In between, there were reports she would be the brand ambassador for handloom in Andhra Pradesh but even that failed to happen. However, Poonam has taken a smart decision.

It is heard that a new serial is going to be aired in ETV and it is titled as ‘Swarna Khadgam’. This is going to be made under RK Productions and Poonam is going to do the lead role in it. This is touted to be a fantasy genre and it would go on till the next two years. Well, this only means Poonam has nothing to worry until such time.

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