Chief Minister's Wife Becomes Heroine

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It is not much of a surprise if a hero’s wife or a sportsman’s wife or an industrialist’s wife becomes an actress but can you imagine the wife of a Chief Minister becoming an actress and that too a heroine? Well, it has happened in Sandalwood and this has brought immense craze to the project as well.

Incidentally, this film is also coming in Telugu. We are talking about the movie ‘Contract’ which has Action King Arjun in the lead and his romance partner happens to be the stunningly beautiful Radhika Kumaraswamy. Apparently, Radhika is the wife of former CM of Karnataka, H D Kumaraswamy and she is also a mother of a child.

Prior to marriage, Radhika was a top shot heroine in Karnataka and now she is busy producing and acting in movies wherever possible. Though she is married and has come of age, those who have seen Radhika are saying she looks ravishing just like before and it is going to be nice watching her. That’s the story folks!

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