Kona's Indirect Warning To Sri Reddy

By - April 12, 2018 - 10:10 AM IST

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The only name that is being taken in the entire Tollywood circuit albeit for the wrong reasons is that of actress Sri Reddy. Someone who was a face in the crowd few weeks ago has now become a name in discussion in national level thanks to the over enthusiastic support from the electronic media and their objective to achieve high TRPs.

As part of that, Sri Reddy is visiting TV channels every day and giving out names of different film personalities. The latest in that happens to be star writer Kona Venkat. She has reportedly revealed snapshots of Whatsapp Chats with him. As such, there was nothing nasty or dubious in the chat, the allegation had to do with discriminating Telugu girls.

However, things have taken an interesting turn with Kona reacting instantly. He took to his social media account and condemned the allegation. Not stopping at that, he has demanded a thorough government enquiry into the whole ruckus being created by Sri Reddy. Now that Kona has reacted, let us see if anybody else is going to follow suit.

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