Election Season Benefit For Sri Reddy

By - April 13, 2018 - 10:13 AM IST

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Once you develop connections with the officials and leaders of the government you can rest assured that you can literally get away with anything in this country. However, when those in the government are not in the momentum, you can rest assured you would be deserted without a second thought. That way, your time and timing are important.

The reason for this discussion is due to the onslaught which Tollywood is going through due to actress Sri Reddy and the way she has brought the entire image of the industry to the road and mud washed it. Buzz is that those who are being targeted by Sri are not able to do much because Government influence is not useful.

They are busy preparing for the upcoming elections and are caught up with their own issues so it has become a big plus for Sri Reddy. She has collided with the big heads of Tollywood who have strong influence in government. Yet, it appears the authorities have given hand to these biggies and this benefit is being encashed strongly by Sri Reddy.


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