Will Suresh Babu Talk About Abhiram?

By - April 14, 2018 - 01:09 PM IST

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Will Suresh Babu Talk About Abhiram?

Just when everyone was beginning to take Sri Reddy as one among the publicity mongers she dropped a bomb by revealing few intimate pictures of her with Daggubati Abhiram, son of the Tollywood heavyweight Daggubati Suresh Babu. She came up with a string of allegations on this boy and called him a sex maniac and what not.

While so much has been happening about Abhiram and his acts, the response from the Daggubati family has been stoic silence. Till now, Daggubati Suresh has not uttered a single word. There is a grapevine that Suresh Babu has already given a response and he is trying to have a truce with Sri Reddy but none of that is true.

For now, all are focused to see what he will say and this is going to be a crucial test for Suresh Babu. For many years, he is known to have called the shots regarding the future of many films and the ways of the industry but now it is all about his own son’s wrongdoings. The coming days will reveal the final outcome of this.

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