Why No Defamation Cases Against Sri Reddy?

By - April 14, 2018 - 01:00 PM IST

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Perhaps for the first time in the history of Tollywood, we are seeing a phase which is not only embarrassing but also humiliating. The offensive launched by actress Sri Reddy has snowballed into a major controversy and even the National Media is looking to take its slice of mileage and TRPs. Despite all this, one thing is not happening.

Normally, when an artist does something like this, the action is taken immediately and a defamation case is filed. However, that didn’t happen till now. Few inquiries with the Filmnagar sources revealed an interesting reason. It is heard that the biggies of the Tollywood circuit brainstormed on this issue and came up with a theory.

Apparently, if the case is filed, Sri Reddy will open her mouth even further and drag four to five extra names onto the roads. This will prove further beneficial for the over enthusiastic TV channels and they will take this issue to a new level. Hence, the cine folks have decided to be silent and believe the cases will settle by themselves. Even if Sri Reddy files the case they plan to go in defense and not offense.