Dubbing Attack By Award Winners

By - April 15, 2018 - 03:18 PM IST

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A trend which began few years back was bringing the hit movies of other languages into local languages in the form of dubbed version. In Tollywood, most of the dubbed flicks came from Tamil and English while the minute percentage came from Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada put together. Now, a new dubbing attack is expected to take place.

It is heard that the award winners of the 65th National Awards are getting into dubbed mode. Sources reveal the films which won the best movie award would be coming in dubbed versions in Tamil and Telugu languages. Usually it doesn’t happen with the National Award winning movies but for some reason this time it is happening.

Some are saying it is good because it gives a chance for the local audience to get exposed to the other industries and their culture of filmmaking. Normally, National Award winners tend to have strong content so it is also a good thing because good content always opens doors for many ideas. Get set for this dubbing attack folks.

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