Journalist's Warning Message Makes Sensation

By - April 16, 2018 - 10:13 AM IST

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Right now Tollywood is going through one of its most crucial times when it comes to saving its honor, integrity, and pride. The initiative from actress Sri Reddy followed by the overwhelming push she got from the electronic media has made her the most important person than anyone else. She has ripped Tollywood apart with her scandalous allegations.

In this process, few others have also got triggered and they are also in the process of garnering their share of mileage. Now, one message is currently making rounds among the Filmnagar folks and this has come from reportedly a journalist. While it is not sure who sent it but it is making rounds in a big way and raising eyebrows. The message reads like this -

‘Sir, the biggest Telugu star will be under the lens in next two days on an issue which will shake the industry. The high Political game in AP is going to tear the fabric of TELUGU film industry. The CM himself is master crafting the whole thing. Will keep updating you on this issue as it’s going to rock the industry. Another 48 hours a recorded program and consequently another female expose coming up, will keep you posted.’

That’s the story folks!

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