Stylish Star Director In Sri Reddy's List

By - April 16, 2018 - 10:28 AM IST

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The attacks from actress Sri Reddy continue unabated and since the Tollywood biggies have also decided to go easy on her for reasons better known to them, Sri Reddy is preparing herself to launch yet another wave of attacks that are going to add more mud and humiliation to the already damaged image of the Telugu industry.

According to latest reports, though Sri Reddy has reportedly filed a police complaint against a list of abusers, it is heard that she is going to sit in the hot seat of a TV news channel and reveal about a stylish star director who is in the A-list of filmmakers in Tollywood. Apparently, Sri Reddy has clicked photographs without his knowledge.

Buzz is that this filmmaker has been caught in compromising position with Sri Reddy. With this news coming out, there is an air of curiosity all around as to who could this director be? As of now, the only clues available are, he is stylish and known for his fashion consciousness, he has worked with all the top stars. Get ready for this explosion folks!


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