Madhura Sreedhar's Intuition Came True

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Premonition is something which comes out of the blue and reality strikes when that premonition becomes true. The entertainment industry is filled with various speculations and estimations but there are times when certain statements from few celebrities end up becoming a reality and that’s when you start trusting their intuition.

The noted director/producer Madhura Sreedhar has once put in his Facebook account and shared with his close friends that the year 2018 will be the year of karmic play and fun will not continue. He also added that everyone will be on the gallows of Karma. What he basically meant was, anyone doing anything wrong will end up paying a heavy price.

True to his intuition, Tollywood is going through one of its most humiliating phases thanks to issues like Sri Reddy leaks, the adult video ‘GST’ from the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and others. It is being witnessed that everybody is paying back for their deeds and make a note, if anything is done with a negative motive, it will hit back strongly.


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