Kathi Turns To Be Very Problematic

By - April 16, 2018 - 06:06 PM IST

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In the recent times, if there is one person who became as famous as a star hero by not acting or scoring at the box office, it is the noted Facebook critic Kathi Mahesh. His targeting power star Pawan Kalyan made him a hot property for the electronic media and within no time, any discussion in any channel has Kathi Mahesh as a mandatory participant.

But then there is also another side to it. Kathi has the special ability to come up with observations based on certain analysis and there are those instances when his statements made sense. Most importantly, he speaks at the studio and gives it a political twist which puts the opposite side in a tight spot and the whole discussion gets interesting.

Many artists are being threatened by Kathi Mahesh because he brings in irrelevant things into the scene every now and then. By the time we feel that he has a valid point, he misleads the whole topic blaming the Tollywood heroes or his fans where they seem nowhere to be connected to the issue. For now, Kathi Mahesh’s latest update happens to be his indirect warning to mega camp post few allegations from a character artist named Sunitha. While it is not sure who is right or wrong, the ultimate victim is Tollywood as it is losing its face in a big way. How far he is right in blaming mega family after being accused of personal things, that he should know! 

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