Sri Reddy Gets MLA Ticket?

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With each passing day, the world seems to be losing the rationale of distinguishing between what is right and wrong, the line of ethics and morality seems to be slimming and it is all about taking advantage of what is hot and happening and making the most of it. This happens quite commonly in the political arena in our country.

Akin to that, there is a strong grapevine that actress Sri Reddy who has been creating a major havoc in the Tollywood circuit has now caught the attention of the politicos. They are now contemplating on giving her an MLA ticket. While the gossip is going strongly, the big question is, which party is showing interest.

Normally, a good orator and someone who keeps rolling out wonderful promises and assurances to the public gets a ticket. There is also a talk that YSRCP may give the ticket. Well, the same situation occurred when Kathi Mahesh’s controversy with Pawan Kalyan was on. However, he said he doesn’t need MLA ticket but he can do a consultant type of role. Let us see what Sri Reddy does.


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