Nagarjuna To Do Panchayati Settlement?

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Whenever two parties are at loggerheads and are unable to arrive at a solution, it is advisable for a third party to intervene and settle the matter. Things get complicated when both the side are too powerful and wealthy. Despite all this, it appears that one man has to step in to do the role of a peacemaker between two big warring individuals.                                                                                         

It is known the news that the Sri Reddy issue has irked the Tollywood biggies in a big way and as if that is not enough, the video from Ram Gopal Varma confessing he has the hand behind Sri Reddy’s action has triggered a major escalation. The situation has become so bad that mega mastermind Allu Aravind has entered the field.

He has given direct set of warnings to RGV and those who could read between the lines say Allu Aravind will ensure neither RGV nor his films are going to be welcomed here anymore. In this regard, some are saying ‘King’ Akkineni Nagarjuna may intervene and show a white flag because he has his movie ‘Officer’ preparing for release. Let us see how this goes.


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