Secret Hyderabadi Hub For Bollywood Stars

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When it comes to partying and full-on masti nothing can beat the Bollywood circuit and for them, partying is a daily part of the job. So, it is obvious that you would be keen to be part of those parties and have some fun. However, you would be surprised to know that the Bollywood stars themselves are eyeing another city for that.

That city is Hyderabad and the reason for that is the farmhouse of a celebrity which is plush, swanky offering amazing privacy. According to reports, this farmhouse has now become the hot pad for many party animals and its fame is so high that even those who are in Mumbai are now flying to that farmhouse.

Buzz is that this farmhouse belongs to a young hero who hails from a very powerful and respected cinema family of Tollywood. Even this hero has reportedly developed strong connect with Bollywood and keeps doing few roles there. Since his farmhouse offers highest of privacy, the Bollywood folks are thronging there.


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