What Happened Inside Film Chamber?

By - April 21, 2018 - 10:32 AM IST

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The incidents in the last few weeks have delivered a major blow to the pride, honour and image of the Telugu film industry and things have spiraled out of control. However, the biggies have woken up and now they are determined to close it. We are talking about the Sri Reddy issue and the way it has maligned the entire impression of Tollywood.

Yesterday was a momentous day at the Film Chamber office with the mega fort stepping in. So, what really happened inside the Film Chamber yesterday? Sources reveal one petition with film chamber has been given wherein none of the cine folks should go to TV channels when they call for live shows or interviews on Sri Reddy or Pawan Kalyan issue.

It is heard that the Film chamber office bearers responded positively, they said they will look into it thoroughly and revert. Secondly, mega fort said they will take care of Ram Gopal Varma and Sri Reddy issue personally and urged no interference from anyone. This proposal was unanimously consented without any opposition.

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