Karate Kalyani Gets New Offers?

By - April 20, 2018 - 06:41 PM IST

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Whenever there is a controversy that erupts and it involves the lesser known film artists, the eventual byproduct is them getting opportunities in the heat. Those who take them feel the publicity they garnered will work for the movies they are roped in. Incidentally, this is also a strategy adopted by the strugglers.

They feel that by getting into the media channels and creating a ruckus their visibility quotient increases and hence they can easily get some offers. However, here is one artist who might just have won the hearts of few filmmakers for standing up and fighting against a messy situation. Her name is Karate Kalyani.

She has been seen in movies in itsy bitsy roles but recently she got into the spotlight after launching an offensive against Sri Reddy and warning that she will see her end. At this point, Karate Kalyani is the only person who went very aggressive against Sri Reddy. Let us wait and see if this converges into any new movie offers and plum roles.


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