RGV's pathetic defense against PK

By - April 20, 2018 - 04:52 PM IST

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Need not even mention how much Ram Gopal Varma has stooped low for publicity lately. Provocation of Sri Reddy and using her as a tool to abuse Pawan Kalyan personally is nothing but the lowest level RGV could fall.

While there is a huge outrage from Mega family, Film Industry, and the common people, the game has changed its 'direction' and the director seems to have gotten himself into darkness. Though Ram Gopal Varma came with a namesake apology, no change can be seen in his behavior, as he keeps on provocating and tweeting illogical stuff on his social media sites.

Varma who has completely lost his credibility now is trying to cover it up by posting counters(no one even feel them as counters except him). Even after confessing and making a promise to his mother, Ram Gopal Varma is trying to link Pawan Kalyan's tweets with irrelevant things.

After Pawan Kalyan came up with the claims that RGV is strategically defaming him and his family, here is how RGV is trying to link it with Casteism. After PK tweeted that Mr. Srini Raju was RGV's relative and hence he has a doubt if all these happenings are being planned together, RGV came up saying, "I and him just belong to the same caste and I never met Mr. Srini Raju in my entire life".

RGV intentionally brings in the mask of caste where the intentions of PK are clear. This means that RGV who is in a pathetic condition now is trying hard to make a point even though he is not able to. RGV also tried to provocate Mahesh Babu's fans by bringing in the topic of Bharath Ane Nenu and blaming PK that he is intentionally grabbing the attention to affect the collections of BHARATH ANE NENU which hit the screens today. We feel bad for his condition, but what to do!? 

- Priyanka 

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