Who Is Rajesh Kilaru In Pawan's Tweets?

By - April 21, 2018 - 01:10 PM IST

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The entire episode of Sri Reddy and her nexus with Ram Gopal Varma and the eventual attacks against power star Pawan Kalyan was heading into one conclusion. However, things took an entirely different direction when Pawan came to the Film Chamber, spoke to those present and then came with a volley of tweets.

He called for boycotting quite a few TV news channels and mentioned how they are doing everything just for the TRPs. Whether that is going to happen or not, one thing caught the attention of many. In his tweet, Pawan mentioned a name Rajesh Kilaru. Nobody knew who this is and they started digging around about his biodata.

Well, from what we hear, Rajesh happens to be the founder of Studio N news channel and he has very good PR with top-level individuals in the Telugu states. Also, Rajesh is reportedly having a big hand in real estate market and he has been part of some major deals that have been happening. That’s Rajesh Kilaru for you folks!


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