Why Telugu Is Behind Malayalam?

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Speaking about Indian cinema, if there is one industry which is next to the big Bollywood, it is Tollywood. This is not just in terms of the standards of filmmaking but also the quantity of films that are made. Incidentally, there have been times when Tollywood beat Bollywood in terms of the number of movies that are made each year.

While that is something nice, there is also another fact which has to be acknowledged. Tollywood has always fallen back when it comes to bagging awards or delivering content rich movies. In this regard, the one area where everyone looks to, is Malayalam. For years together, Mollywood has been coming up with movies that have mind boggling concepts.

The intellectuals believe Telugu cinema treats cinema more as a business and commercial ingredients are given utmost preference. On the other hand, Mollywood makes movies with sensible budgets so their focus is more on content than recovering investment. If Tollywood can encourage new wave thoughts, it can make its presence felt.

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