Pawan Kalyan's Boomerang Effect

By - April 23, 2018 - 02:45 PM IST

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We are all aware of the twists and turns that took place after Sri Reddy abused Pawan Kalyan using vulgar words for no valid reason. Pawan Kalyan who is furious on the media people who are backing the ones who are intentionally targeting him for months now.

Pawan Kalyan whose rants on TDP and TDP backed Media is creating internal tensions to many. Though Pawan Kalyan stayed calm for months, he seems to be very pissed with continuous personal targets. So, his tweets have become quite a mockery on TDP directly.

Earlier, Pawan Kalyan targeted Srini Raju, by saying that he was the one who is aiding the media companies which are broadcasting irrelevant things just to increase pressure on Pawan Kalyan, his family, and fans. Srini Raju also came up with a legal notice against Pawan Kalyan for defaming his name publicly. Pawan Kalyan himself revealed this on his twitter.

Seems like Pawan has been playing seriously. He has given a fitting reply to the advocate of Srini Raju who sent him a legal notice. The reply seems to be simple, yet satirical. It was really quick and clever reply from the chief of Janasena.

"In the tweet, extracted in your communication dated 20th April 2018, there is nothing which is "insinuation" or any "allegation" much less 'baseless' against your client", the reply says. Pawan Kalyan also clarifies that it is his "FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION" to express or write his feelings on his twitter timeline.

Pawan Kalyan Reply To Srini Raju

 Pawan Kalyan also questions, how TDP politicians are allowed to use unparliamentary language on public platforms and get away like that simply. 

American Constitution Preamble line “In God We Trust”; TDP Constitution Preamble line,“In Abuse We Trust. -Pawan Kalyan 
(Please refer to the latest public meeting in which TDP MLA abuses Prime Minister Narendra Modi using unparliamentary words)

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