New Twist: Sri Reddy's Apology To Rakul

By - April 23, 2018 - 03:37 PM IST

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Sri Reddy who came into focus after her media debates and protests. But, she gained whole attention after he stripped in front of the media to protest against the Movie Artists Association for not granting her the membership card.

Sri Reddy then felt she could dictate terms as she got the support of Women activists and associations. She started making so much noise and then came up the biggest issue. She overreacted to the reply given by Pawan Kalyan when he was quizzed about the protest and casting couch issues.

She abused him over the media and used unparliamentary words. Well, Sri Reddy's intentions were never clear from the very beginning. She abused heroine Rakul Preet for no reason and foul-mouthed about her very badly in a couple of videos publicly.

Seems like Sri Reddy is trying to cover up her mistakes lately. She has apologized Rakul Preet for talking badly about her. But, come on after so much noise over Sri Reddy's doublestandards, who will believe her? Must wait and see if the celebrities even care for her apologies.

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